January 16, 2013

Glenwood Regional Medical Center Completes Expansion Project – Adds 24-beds in a New Telemetry Unit

Wednesday, January 16, 2013– Glenwood Regional Medical Center opened its newly built 24-bed Telemetry unit to patients on Tuesday, January 15, 2013. The newly renovated 5th floor houses a

24-bed state-of-the art Telemetry Unit consisting of 16,343 sq. ft. The expansion of Telemetry services is another example of Glenwood’s ongoing commitment to provide advanced cardiovascular treatment options and high quality healthcare services to our patients.

With the addition of the 24-bed Telemetry Unit, Glenwood Regional Medical Center now has 49 beds designated for telemetry patients, which includes 25 beds on the 6th floor Telemetry Unit.

“Glenwood remains committed to providing patients and their physicians with access to advanced medical breakthroughs and innovations in heart and vascular care. Over the past several years, Glenwood has experienced patient growth and knew it was time for additional patient rooms for telemetry care,” says, Ron Elder, Glenwood Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer.

The Telemetry Unit is designed for patients who have arrhythmia syncope, chest pain, electrolytes imbalance and/or congestive heart failure among other diagnoses. As part of the specialized care offered on the Telemetry Unit, patients are cared for by Glenwood’s medical staff of highly trained physicians, registered nurses and respiratory therapists. With a 5-screen monitoring room strategically placed behind the central nursing station, patients’ heart rhythms are continuously monitored by trained staff.

“Our excellent nursing and ancillary staff on the 5th floor are excited about providing these Telemetry patients with the level of excellent patient care for which Glenwood Regional Medical Center is known. From the beautiful walls and flooring, new furniture and state-of-the-art medical equipment, we are pleased to share this new space with the community we so proudly serve”, says Becky McCann, Glenwood Regional Medical Center Clinical Nurse Manager.

About Glenwood Regional Medical Center
Glenwood Regional Medical Center is a 268-bed, acute care hospital committed to providing high quality medical care in the community. For more information about Glenwood Regional Medical Center and the services offered, visit the company’s website at or call the toll free Well Line at 1-877-726-WELL.

Coming Soon! Glenwood Regional Medical Center is proud to announce construction of a 14-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on 3-East. The new ICU unit is set to open this summer!